Game Pitch

An easy to control, open world Action-RPG, which is cross-platform. The first targeted platform as of now is Android, but I have plans to release on other consoles as well. Most likely PC support will come second. In this game you play as an explorer in an alien world and you must face many enemies while gaining skills, items, and power-ups. The gameplay is designed to be action-first and I aim to have a compelling soundtrack to accompany it. Some early concept compositions are available in the web demo below to give a feel for the style I am planning on. I am seeking a talented artist to help bring the game to life. All the art shown in this demo is placeholder and is likely to change unless I can't find support.

Early Demo Features

Play through a small area of the Overworld and discover three portals which lead to character improvement rewards. Other dungeons reward items for hideout improvements and further advancement. Find them all! Experience a jazzy beat heavy musical style, and collect items to upgrade 6 different stats for the player. Dual wield sword and pistol to fight enemies (the two starting skills; others are planned.) Itemization is still very early on, this demo serves more to demonstrate the action-style planned. Play in fullscreen on PC or Mobile. You can also use a gamepad on PC to control the player (early prototype controls.)

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Early Preview Demo