Game Pitch

An easy to control, open world Action-RPG, which is cross-platform. In this game you play as an explorer in an alien world and you must face many enemies while gaining skills, items, and power-ups. The gameplay is designed to be action-first with a compelling soundtrack to accompany it. See the below screenshots for a preview of the art style and gameplay.


Back Story:

"I, one of many explorers, was sent
out in Operation Heyday, a spectacular
mission designed to accelerate our species
to universal conquest of the galaxy.

Our mission was clear: land on an unsurveyed
planet and using our equipment and technology
establish an outpost to establish inter-stellar

Our ships were equipped with state of the
art technology designed to release a signal
as soon as a successful landing had been

Our leaders expected many ships would
be scuttled before a successful landing so,
I, like many of my fellow explorers was ready
for a life or death mission.

However, although my ship landed successfully,
I found myself amidst an alien invasion unlike
was ever predicted prior to the mission.

Some had speculated aliens may exist in the galaxy,
but these planets we were sent to were those which
had the lowest probability possible of alien life."

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